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Maximize your property’s potential in the aviation real estate market. Let us be your co-pilot.

Why Choose an Aviation Realty Specialist?

Tailored Marketing:

We don't just showcase your home or hangar; we highlight the aviation allure of your property.

Global Connections:

Our wingspan extends across a vast network of Aviation Real Estate Specialists.

Runway Access Valuation Expertise:

We understand the unique value of a property on a runway and price it accordingly.

Exclusive Buyer's List:

Access to large pool of active potential buyers specifically interested in aviation real estate.

Pilot-Focused Promotions:

We reach pilots and aviations enthusiasts across a wide variety of platforms including online, social media, magazines, trade shows, and more.

The Turbulence of Going Solo

Financial Descent:

Risk of significant financial loss without expert guidance.

Missed Connections:

Limited exposure to the most suitable and passionate buyers.

Navigating Valuation Storms:

Tackling low comps and appraisals without a co-pilot can be daunting.

Seller's Heavy Lifting:

Without an expert, you'll be the one answering all aviation-related queries.

Extended Holding Pattern:

Longer time on the market without specialized marketing

Community Discord:

Potential for a non-pilot buyer who may not contribute to preserving the aviation spirit of the community.

Turbulent Transactions:

The journey can be filled with frustration and disappointment.

Client Testimonials

“Melanie helped me have my home under contract within 48 hours with multiple competing offers to get me the highest price. Then she was able to find me the perfect property to be close to my family. Will do all of my future real estate transactions with her”
Barb Z.
“Around eighteen months ago, we began our search for a new home without a clear idea of what our forever home would entail. Melanie began presenting us with various properties, and the fourth one she showed us ended up being our ideal home. Melanie handled the negotiations exceptionally well, and I believe that my wife and I were able to purchase our dream home at a fantastic price..”
Sean M.
“I had the desire to live with my plane and have a runway in my backyard for years. Melanie was able to help me navigate the airpark communities in Florida to find our forever home. She was also an expert in negotiations with the seller enabling us to do a one of a kind deal”
Will J.

Our Listing Flight Plan

A step-by-step breakdown of the listing process with AV8 Realty, from initial consultation to final sale.

Zoom call to discuss your needs.

In-depth analysis of what you are looking to accomplish.

Professional photos, videos, walkthrough, and descriptions of your property.

Listing / Marketing Your property to the aviation world via multiple methods (i.e. social, trade publications, trade shows, newsletters, etc).

Negotiations / Sale – We work to get you top current market value for your property.

Under Contract Support – Aiding the transaction to make the contract solid.

Sold / Closed – High Five on a another successful transaction.

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